December 14, 2022

Interview with Elf

Before the madness of the holidays took over, we scheduled an interview with Santa’s number one elf.  You might call him a Grinch, we simply called him G!

G has been all over Kanab helping us get in the festive spirit.  Over the month you will see pics of G in the store posted on Kanab’s Instagram – he’s become an influencer.  G has worked hard all year to reform his image and is excited to be part of the Kanab family.

G’s holiday favourites are:

  1. Pre-rolls – Anything by Tribal: Cuban Linx, Gelato Mint or Galactic Runtz; he won’t tell us why, he just does!
  2. Beverage – Ginger Lime Mule by House of Terpenes; it’s his one fancy drink
  3. Edible - Mint Cookie BLZRD White Chocolate Blend by Legend; it’s the only blizzard he wants to get caught in
  4. Accessory – a black ashtray; reminds him of his heart
  5. Flower – Red Fatso by Doja; reminds him of the jolly guy

G has been known to:

  1. Vape Greybeard KISH after a shift in the shop
  2. Order in Thai food
  3. Re-gift gift cards
  4. Wear a Kanab T-shirt at home on days off
  5. Always play “Baby, it’s cold outside” during shifts

G is one of the happiest, most hard working elves you have ever met.  But if you can’t come in and find him, take a moment to say hi to our team!

May your holidays be full of fun, laughter and green – love the team at Kanab!

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