About kanab

The Latin plant name cannabis has its roots in past civilizations like Ancient Persia where it was once referred to as kanab. Our name, kanab, is our way of paying homage to an agricultural pillar which has been engrained in our societies for thousands of years.

We are a lifestyle and wellness brand founded upon a deep reverence for the rich history of cannabis and its continuing importance not just recreationally, but also therapeutically, spiritually and industrially.

We honor the historical precedent of the cannabis plant as a noted medicinal therapy; a sacred entheogen; a material used to build homes, furniture, paint, varnish, paper and textiles; and as a source of nutrition for animals and humans alike.  With our roots in history, we look ahead to the blossoming evolution of cannabis and strive to be at the forefront of modern understanding and application.

We are an independent, local business, owned and operated by a Toronto based medical physician.

Guided by a more in depth understanding of cannabis-related science and how it interacts with the human body as well as its potential harms and benefits, our mission is to apply a socially responsible and holistic perspective towards educating and supporting our clients. Kanab offers a warm and welcoming setting where friendly staff will look to foster relationships with our clients in order to help navigate choices that optimally suit their individualized goals and levels of experience.

At kanab, we believe that a collective focus on diversity and inclusion is imperative to the betterment of our society.

As such, we are committed to diversity and inclusion and we will continually look to scale its impact as we grow. This belief constitutes a core element of our founding principles and culture which we have further described here.